Updates for the masses

Keeping up with my normal posting rate, I figured I’d bring you guys an update. We have two new releases up on our Facebook page for free, as well as a number of releases currently in the work. To spare you the time of following link after link after link, I’ll go ahead and post them directly for you.

Odyzzey‘s debut release with us will be out in one week! The Alux EP brings a very solid set of grimey tracks ready to tear up the dance floor. The 5 track EP lays down 3 solid Dubstep tracks paired with the heavy Circuit Freq moombah track and the hybrid track of Alive to close it out. You dont want to miss this release, it’s out on September 10th on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Juno, Rhapsody and many more. We’ve got the previews up on our Soundcloud now, so check them if you havent already. 

For those of you who weren’t already aware, our free releases are available through our Facebook page. All that we ask is to give us a Like, to stay up to date with all of our up and coming producers and releases. Our current free releases are Crimsic‘s Fuck Me Electronically and our first Strange Matter Remix Compilation.


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Aurganic – Pleasure Addict (ft. Jessica Stuart)

Also check out Aurganic’s video for “Pleasure Addict” if you havent already had the chance. This track features the vocal stylings of Jessica Stuart, and the video gives a great aesthetic appeal to the essence of the video. Put this tune on if you need to chill out or wind down. More updates to come in the future.

Just another Strange update

I figure I’ll start trying to keep up with this a little more, to bring you the latest in what we’re offering you guys here at Strange Matter, and to show you a little bit of the good music I’m hearing. 

BarbaRossa’s “Fail So Hard” will be coming out on August 13th, this solid EP features the dance styles of Progressive/Deep/Tech House around two Indie Dance tracks, with a chill out tune to finish up the album. You wont want to miss this one, any fan of electronic music is going to want to grab it. Previews are up on our soundcloud now currently. 


Another Update from Strange Matter

Just a few updates for now. We’re already into our 8th release, which will be MK_ULTRA’s “Bassline Muder” EP coming out in 1 week. This one is an intense 4 track display of heavy dubstep and drumstep. It’s going to be a free release once we get 100 likes on the main Facebook page. So spread the word and head out to facebook.com/strangematterelectronics.

We’ve also got a few new signs to Strange Matter. Make sure you check out Origins & Arkayne, a dubstep duo specializing in dark heavy beats. We’ve also signed on Options, an instrumental hip hop producer making chill beats that anyone can nod their head to.

We’re continuing to expand our horizons in the electronic music scene to give you more of the music you love. Enjoy!


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